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Become A Bible Builder

TASB is only possible with the help of people like you that want to contribute. Those that help in the development of TASB are called Builders. If you’re interested in being a Builder, please read this guide before making your first submission. It’ll help save everyone a lot of time during the review process and make approving your submissions much faster. To get started as a Builder, you will need to sign up:

Whenever you need to sign in, just use the sign in form on the right side of any page (desktop) or scroll down if you’re using a smart phone or tablet. Builders are always “in the know” when chapters are added to the site, so make sure you sign up for Builder Updates. Please confirm your email or you won’t receive the updates.

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Builder Credits

We want to make sure everyone gets credit for their contribution, so please make sure you fill out your Builder profile. You can place a link back to any site you wish on your page. Whenever you make an approved contribution, your credit is automatically linked to your profile.

  • Your name will appear at the bottom of the chapter you’ve contributed to.
  • Your name will be linked to your profile page.
  • Increased traffic to your website or social media page.
  • Increased credibility for contributing to a widely used public project.

If you would like to contribute to TASB, please be sure that you meet all of the following requirements before submitting your contribution. Failure to meet these requirements will result in your contribution being rejected. If your contribution is rejected, you will need to resubmit once it meets all of the following requirements:

How To Submit

Submissions are easy. All you have to do is go to a chapter of the book that you want to contribute to and leave a comment below. Once approved, your contribution will appear as “additional notes” to the chapter. Please refrain from submitting personal responses to the notes already added.

Challenging A Submission

If you see anything inaccurate that you’d like to challenge or see edited, please feel free to let us know by making a comment, pointing out where you believe the mistake occurred, and your proposed solution to the problem. General criticisms without solutions will not appear on the site.

Example Submission

If you’d like to see how your submission might appear on the site, please scroll down to the “Additional Notes” section below. It will show you what is possible while formatting your submission.

People and Places

If you are submitting a link to an article that covers the history and background of a person or place in the Bible, please be sure it meets the following requirements:

  • A 2-5 sentence summary of the content found at the link.
  • The linked site must be free of all hate speech, racism, and nudity.
  • The article must contain references to all Bible verses used.
  • Article may not contain any reference to modern politics.
  • Article must have high readability (spaces and no long blocks of text).

These requirements apply to all topical study submissions as well.

Maps, Archeology, Graphs, and Charts

  • Must provide the original website, book, etc. where the picture is located.
  • Must provide a caption for picture context.
  • Picture may not include violence, nudity, or hate speech of any kind.
  • Please do not submit the 12 tribes chart. It will not be approved.

Videos Studies and Sermons

  • Must be hosted on YouTube.
  • May not contain bad language, nudity, or hate speech.

If You Meet All Requirements

If you’re sure that your submission meets all of the above requirements, please use the link below to submit your contributions. If they are accepted, your contribution will be added to the site immediately.

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