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The Elamites: Black Descendants of Shem

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    The more we dig the more we discover that we’ve been lied to, but as a believer, how does it make you feel to know that the Church was behind most of the lies?

    How does learning that Shem’s descendants were black affect your faith in the word of God?

    Do believers have the right to change the race / ethnicity of Biblical people in order to make themselves feel more comfortable?



    Speaking as a ”Gentile” White by the definition which you have in your articles and which I can accept, I can’t really say that my Church has ”lied”, or deliberately people within it. As you know, the old Icons in the Orthodox churches are frequently of dark-skinned men and women, and if not it’s of a golden and/or other otherworldly color to show that the person depicted is with Christ in the World to Come. Lots of Whites when they were White, maybe not looking like Swedes, but still Caucasian. And many of Ethiopia and Egypt’s Christian population is Orthodox Christian (I’m reminded of the battle of Adowa where the Ethiopian military beat the Italian invaders, and Russian heavy artillery sent to fellow Orthodox helped beat them).

    The Latin or Papist Church (what is called the ”Roman Catholic Church”) is perhaps another matter, as to the exaltation of European man and putting everything in the image that they wanted. We can have a great discussion about that for sure.

    I have no problem with Shem, Ham, the Patriarchs, Israelites, or Christ Our Lord and the Blessed Theotokos herself being Non-White, or anyone else. One of my favorite Saints,was a hero of the Faith, St. Moses the Black, one of the Desert Fathers who went from being a Bandit to a Monk, Warrior to Spiritual Warrior. Them being Negro doesn’t bother me at all, and in fact fits with my personal faith in Christ and everything else I want to discuss with you, the Nephilim, Race, the Gentiles, the Church and Israel, etc…

    Your third question is more problematic, but not without some kind of answer. In general my Church is very disinclined to change anything to make people ”more comfortable”. One example would be that in my local church anyway, there are no pews, we stand for services just as the early Christians did. It would not bother anyone I think if it were shown that the historical tribes of Israel were dark, Negro in fact, and as I said and you show yourself, the early Holy Icons are of dark people…

    In Christ

    “Tell me then, how is it that you are rich? From whom did you receive it, and from whom did he transmit it to you? From his father and his grandfather. But can you, ascending through many generations, show the acquisition just? It cannot be. The root and origin of it must have been injustice. Why? Because God in the beginning did not make one person rich and another poor, He left the earth free to all alike. Why then if it is common, have you so many acres of land, while your neighbor has not a portion o

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