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The Awakening Study Bible (TASB) is a FREE online study Bible with a strong emphasis on doctrinal beliefs, ethnic origins, cultural background, historical accuracy, and the supernatural. There are no secret panels, commissions, memberships, societies, organizations, etc. involved in the maintaining of TASB.

  • TASB is 100% free to the public.
  • There are no apps to download.
  • Resources are updated weekly.

Who Is TASB For?

TASB is for everyone that wants an accurate and truthful study Bible. Unlike many other study Bibles that have either a conservative or liberal agenda, TASB has no other agenda than to educate. Here are just some of the less traditional topics that are represented in TASB:

  • UFOs and Aliens In Relation To The Bible
  • Race and Cultural Backgrounds
  • Bible Prophecy In Connection With Current Events

All studies contain references to scripture and other resources that you can use to verify the information presented.


What makes TASB great is that it contains the same features found in some of the most acclaimed study Bibles ever created. Here’s how TASB compares to the best study Bibles on the market.

  • Archaeological Study Bible – Full of bold and vibrant full color pictures of discoveries, carvings, excavations and more. These same features can be found in TASB as well.
    • Click any linked word.
    • Archaeology, Carvings, and more can be viewed when available.
  • Chronological Study Bible – Great for anyone that wants to read the Bible in the order in which the books were written, based on the date of the writing. TASB has the same feature.
    • Navigate to the Home Page.
    • Click the “Chronological” tab.
  • Scofield Study Bible – Famous for it’s commentary printed within the pages of the Bible instead of a more traditional separate book. TASB goes a step further by including full studies as clickable links within the text of scripture, which also provides an uninterrupted reading experience.
    • Click any linked word in the text.
    • Read the commentary.
    • Click the back button and continue reading scripture.
  • Thompson’s Chain-Reference Bible – This Bible is acclaimed for it’s links on the side of the page that allow you to follow people, places, etc… TASB does the same with actual clickable links. TASB is updated a minimum of once per week, which Thompson’s Chain-Reference Bible cannot do.
    • Click any link in the text.
    • Follow the “Suggested Reading” links on the page.


TASB is updated at least once per week with new references, study material, definitions, and more. Using a digital format allows for fast updates.


TASB uses the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible across the entire site. The King James Bible does not have a copyright and is therefore free to reproduce. Almost all other versions require licensing fees to be paid to the companies and organizations that own the rights to them.

Ethnicity and Culture

TASB is dedicated to presenting the truth as written in scripture. Ethnicity and culture are a huge part of the history of Africa and Arabia, and only by accurately and truthfully portraying that culture can we fully appreciate the message.

  • You will not find any inaccurate or repainted pictures depicting Europeans in place of Hebrews or Africans.
  • You will not find any false teachings originating in British-Israelism or Christian Identity.

Israel is described in the Bible as looking like Egyptians, and because of this, we do not believe any media (TV, movies, pictures, etc.) depicting a white Christ or white Hebrews has any place in the Biblical teaching of truth. Until there is concrete evidence of white Hebrews in Egypt and white Hebrews scattered worldwide via slave ship, the false narrative of a white chosen people and a white savior will not be represented in TASB.